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    How to Troubleshoot D7050 Missing on D8125MUX



    All the D7050 and D7050TH smokes are missing from the D8125MUX Loop. All the LED's are flashing on the smoke heads.


    Check the D8125MUX wiring at the panel - Out wires to In and In wires to Out. Make sure the LED is flashing 1/2 second On and 1/2 second Off,
    Check that the device wiring has correct polarity.
    Verify the address of the device is correct.

    *Note: D7050 Smoke Detector Addressing needs to be set on the B Addressing for the 100's switch - the 100's switch has A - 0, 1, 2, and B - 0, 1 ,2.

    **Note: Points / Addresses 129 -247 are phyically addressed as points 9 - 127 and programmed as 9 - 127 in the D8125MUX with the D5060 programmer.

    The D5060 needs to have fresh batteries or be powered by its own D1640 transformer.
    The transformer for the panel CANNOT be used to power the D5060 and panel at the same time.
    But you can run the panel on battery and use the transformer to power the D5060 by itself if a second D1640 transformer is not availible.
    Part numbers D8125MUX, D7050, D7050TH, D5060, D7412G, D7412G, D9124G, D9412G, D7412GV2, D7412GV2, D9124GV2, D9412GV2, D7412GV3,D7412GV3, D9412GV3, D7412GV4, D7412GV4, D9412GV4, B8512G, B9512G,
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