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    How to upgrade a Praesideo NCO-B system to include an NCO3?

    This article describes how to upgrade a Praesideo NCO-B system to include an NCO3

    When adding an NCO3 to a system running on NCO-Bs, either to expand the system or to replace an NCO-B, there are certain things to keep in mind.


    Step-by-step guide



    1. Upgrade all hardware to the latest versions (NCO-B to 3.64 and the NCO3 to 4.43(latest)).
    2. Update the PC call server and PC call stations to 4.43 (latest).
    3. Run a license upgrade.




    • The NCO-B’s will work with this software if they have version 3.4x or higher. However, it’s advised to upgrade to the latest available NCO-B version, which would be 3.64.
    • The PC call station server and the clients need to be upgraded to the same version as the NCO3, it’s advised to upgrade to the latest available version from the Bosch website.
    • A system running on NCO-Bs most likely has version 3 licenses. In order for the NCO-3 to work correctly in the system, the licenses need to be converted to version 4 licenses.
    • Whether a license is a version 3 or 4 is not apparent until the below steps are taken, so it’s advised to follow this step when adding an NCO-3 to an NCO-B system:
      • Go to the license page (
      • Click on ‘Praesideo
      • Click ‘start
      • Fill in the dongle number and click ‘ok
      • Fill in the license number and click ‘ok
      • Click on ‘finish’ and you will get an version 4 license.
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