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    AEC: How to activate a relay output using Advanced I/O


    User needs to activate a relay when the door is held open, but they do not have an I/O board.



    Create an One Shot Advance I/O event to trigger the relay output desired. See below step by step how to do it.


    Create a “Criteria” specifying the event we want to use to activate the relay output


    • Go to “Configuration” and then “Criteria”



    Figure 1.


    • Click the “green plus” to create a new Criteria



    Figure 2.


    • Under description assign a name
    • In this example, the user only wants one door to trigger one relay, Click “Selected Devices Only”, select the desired door and add it to the “Selected Devices” column



    Figure 3.


    • Click the “Events” tab


    • The user only wants the relay triggered by one specific event: “Door held open”. Click “Selected Events Only”. Add the desired event to the “List of Selected Events” column



    Figure 4.


    • If this action is desired to happen only in one specific schedule, click the “Time” tab and choose the desired schedule.
    • Click Save



    Figure 5.


    Create an Advanced IO to assign the Criteria for activating the relay output


    • Go to “Configuration”, and click “Advanced IO”



    Figure 6.



    • Click the “green plus” to create a new one



    Figure 7.


    • Under description assign a name for the new Advanced I/O
    • The function needed is “One Shot”
    • Select the output duration desired
    • The “Input Control” is the criteria previously created. Click the edit button, select “Criteria” and the name assigned to the Criteria
    • The “Output Link” is the relay output we want to activate. Click the edit button and select the relay output desired.
    • Click the save button



    Figure 8.

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