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    AMS: How to open a door based on a schedule


    User needs to keep a door open Monday – Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.



    Create a time model (schedule), and then configure the door to open in that schedule.


    1. Create a day model.

    • Go to “System Data” and then “Calendar”


    Figure 1.

    • Click on “Day Models”


    Figure 2.

    • Click the “Create new” button
    • Assign a name to the Day Model. Add a description and fill the intervals as needed
    • In this example we are only creating one interval from 8 am to 5 pm. If needed, up to three intervals can be created in the same Day Model
    • Click Save


    Figure 3.

    2. Create a Time Model.

    • Click “Time Models”
    • Click the “Create new” button
    • Assign a name to the Time Model. Add a description
    • Select the number of days in the Period
    • Select a reference date (select a past date and not a future date).


    Figure 4.

    • Assign the Day Model to each day of the period as needed and click save


    Figure 5.

    Note: to verify the Time model is correct, click the preview button and confirm the dates match.

    • The predefined holidays are shown below, assign the desired Day Model to apply on those days
    • If holidays are not needed, click the “ignore special days” checkbox


    Figure 6.

    3. Configure the door to open depending on time model

    • Go back to main menu and go to “Configuration”
    • Click “Device Data”


    Figure 7.

    • In the DevEdit, find the desired door.


    Figure 8.

    • Click the “Options” tab and click under “Unlock door”


    Figure 9.

    • Select the desired option, in this example we choose “Door is open depending on time model”


    Figure 10.

    • Select the desired “Time model”
    • Click the “Save” button.


    Figure 11.


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