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    How To: Define the dialer errors on the Safecom dialer

    Dialer Error 1: The digital dialer seized the phone line, but hung up before the Safecom unit could transmit an ACK tine. The digital dialer sporadically seizesthe phone line.

    • Dialer Error 2: The digital dialer did not send any message type after the Safecom unit transmitted an ACK tone in response to dialer line seizure. The ACK parameter in the Safecom SC9000 might be incorrectly programmed.

      • Dialer Error 3: The digital dialer sends messages using a format that does not correspond to the format programmed in the Safecom SC9000. Check the dialer parameter in the Safecom SC9000 for incorrect programming. Dialer Error 3 can also occur when there is excessive noise on the Tip and Ring lines between the digital dialer and the Safecom unit.

      • Dialer Error 4: The digital dialer fails to hang up after sending a message.

      • Dialer Error 5: The digital dialer sends messages in a format that is compatible with the Safecom unit, but the parity parameter or the dialer format parameter in the Safecom SC9000 is incorrectly programmed.

      • Dialer Error 6: The Safecom unit received a message in Radionics Modem format from the control panel, and sent it to the Safecom computer at the Central Station. However, after checking the message, the Safecom computer determined that the message is bad (bad checksum, corrupted, or invalid length), and forced the Safecom unit to abort communications with the control panel.

      • Dialer Error 7: TheSafecom unit received a message in Radionics Modem format from the control panel. However, the message is bad (bad checksum, corrupted, or invalid length), and the control panel hung up without receiving an ACK, and before the Safecom could send the message to the Safecom computer at the Central Station.
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