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    How to: Closing Remote SQL Connections in Readykey Pro


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    How can I ensure that clients do not change certain features that require exclusive use of the SQL database for Readykey Pro?


    Certain activities require that there are not any applications logged into the SQL database. These activities include running a database backup, archive, database setup, or forms designer.

    In some cases, a server has many clients logged into the database remotely. This makes it difficult to close all client connections. There is an easy way to work around this by running a few SQL commands.

    1. Login to SQL Management Studio Express.
    2. Expand the Databases folder and find AccessControl (for example, the Readykey Pro database).
    3. Right click on AccessControl and select New Query.
    4. In the query window, type: sp_who2 [Click EXECUTE].
    5. Look for all SPID that have the login type of lenel.
    6. For each SPID number of login type lenel, type: kill (SPID) [Click EXECUTE].
      IMPORTANT: Do not kill SPID for SQL Server, as this will kill the Management Studio connection.
    7. Run the required application (for example, Database Backup).

    This method does not prevent future connections to SQL Server. If an exclusive connection is required, the port SQL Server uses can be blocked by a firewall (for example, TCP port 1433). You should block ports with caution because it may also block local connections. A better solution would be to temporarily disable remote connections to SQL Server using SQL Server Configuration Manager.

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