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    How To Configure two doors for a single reader

    1. G series intrusion alarm panel.  D9412 or D7412, G, GV2, GV3 or GV4.
    2. (2) D9210Bs or D9210C or B901 access control modules
              a. (the D9210C or B901 must be used on GV4 type panels)
    3. (2) 26bit wiegand format readers and compatible credentials, 1 reader to be used on each door.
              a. Each reader should be of the same type so the same credential can be used for both entry and exit.
    • Note:  This solution makes reference to the D9210 and is intended to describe either the D9210B or D9210C depending on which is used in the application.

    1. Install a reader outside of the room and make connections to the Primary D9210.  This will be the ‘Card-In’ reader. 
    2. Install a second reader inside the room and wire to the Secondary D9210.  This will be the ‘Card-Out’ reader
    3. Connect the primary D9210 Form-C relay contacts to the door-locking device.
    4. Connect the normally-open contacts, from the secondary D9210 form-C relay, to the primary D9210C Request to Exit (REX) terminals.

    1. Present the credential to the reader outside the room, wired to the Primary D9210.  Access is granted and the door opens for entry.
    2. Exit the room by presenting the credential to the reader, inside the room, wired to the Secondary D9210. 
              a. The normally-open contacts on the secondary 9210 relay will close, shorting the Request to Exit contacts on the Primary D9210 and the door opens.
    3. If programmed, Access Granted events generated upon entry are logged by user name.
    4. If programmed, upon exiting the room a Request to Exit event is logged, however without a user name.

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