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    How To Transmit Opening/Closing Reports By Account Number.

    Configure the 'Account O/C' setting in Area Wide Parameters to configure the control panel to generate opening/closing reports by account number. The default setting for the Account O/C parameter it No, with selection options of Yes and No.

    Account O/C Parameter Description
    This parameter determines if account opening and closing reports are generated by this area. Set this parameter the same for all areas in the account.

    IMPORTANT: Account numbers are sent over the network to the central station receiver.

    Account O/C Parameter Options
    Send opening and closing reports by account.

    Use this selection if the control panel sends reports to an automation system that cannot interpret multiple area opening/closing reports, or if Modem format is set to No (BFSK format is in use and opening and closing reports are enabled).

    An account opening report is generated when the first area in an account is opened (disarmed). After the account opening report is sent, disarming other areas in the account does not generate another account opening report. An account closing report is generated only when the last area in an account is closed (armed). Account opening and closing reports do not contain any area information.

    IMPORTANT: If an account opening or closing is generated while an opening or closing window for this area is in effect, and Disable O/C in Window is set to Yes, the report is not sent. Bosch recommends that all areas sharing the same account number use the same opening and closing window times.

    No: Do not send opening and closing reports by account.

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