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    How To correct: The panel will not send alarm reports.

     If the panel generates an alarm within 2 minutes of arming, the alarm sent is considered a Recent Closing Alarm report.  Automation software may not interpret a Recent Closing Alarm the same as a standard Alarm Report. Monitoring station operators may assume the alarm report never sent when this is occurring.

    Panels which sent a Recent Closing Alarm will show ‘ALARM RECENT CLS’ in the panel log. Check the panel log file by either importing history with Remote Programming Software or using keypad commands;

    GV2-GV4 version 1.00-1.99:

    Press [99] + [Enter], VIEW LOG displays; press [Enter], ENTER START DATE displays, press [Enter] to begin viewing from the most current panel event. Press Previous to cycle through previous events to see if there is an ‘ALARM RECENT CLS’ event.

    B8512G, B9512G, all B-Series and GV4 version 2+:

    Press [Menu] + [7] + [3], ENTER START DATE displays; press [Enter] to begin viewing from the most current panel event. Press Previous to cycle through previous events to see if there is an ‘ALARM RECENT CLS’ event.

    In order to send the alarm without the Recent Closing;

    • Arm the area and wait at least 2 minutes after arming before generating an alarm.
    • The Recent Closing report is not configurable and cannot be disabled.


    Recent Closing

    If a point with P# Type set to 1, 2 or 3 goes into alarm within 2 min after the exit delay expires, then the alarm event sent is considered a Recent Closing Alarm. This feature is always enabled and has no configuration parameters. The alarm with recent closing event creates new Modem IIIa2 messages that the central station might need to add to their automation software. Refer to Event 27 in the Modem IIIa2 Messages section of the Appendix in the ConettixD6600/D6100 Computer Interface Manual (P/N: 4998122703) for the details of central station data changes.

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