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    How To correct the menu access disabled display when attempting to connect to B450 using TeraTerm

    When connecting to the B450 while using TeraTerm, "Menu access disabled."  may display if the B450 had previously been connected to the SDI2 bus on a GV4 or B-Series panel.  

     Bosch Security Knowledge Base


    If the setting: SDI2 Modules (Module 1 or Module 2) > IP Communicator > Web/USB Access Enable is set to No, access to web browser or TeraTerm menu programming will become disabled

    When the B450 is connected to SDI2 and addressed concurrently with the Web/USB Access Enable=NOsetting (Mod 1 or Mod 2), and programing is sent to the panel, "Menu access disabled. may display.

    There are 2 ways re-enable access to menu items in TeraTerm

    1. Remove power from the B450 and configure to use default settings by addressing as 9 and cover the Mode Pins with a jumper. When power is restored, the B450 will function as if it were set to default, and allow access to TeraTerm using the default password: B450. From the main menu select option 5: Reset to Factory Defaults. Once the default is complete, remove power and remove the mode jumper to return to normal operation. When power is restored the B450 will operate normally using default settings. TeraTerm can be accessed with password: B450.
    2. Connect the B450 to the SDI2 bus of a control panel and connect with Remote Programming Software. Set: IP Communicator Module 1 [or Module 2] > Web/USB Access Enable = YES.


     Verify the B450 is set to the same address used in the program entry for Module 1 or Module 2 Send the changes to the panel. Menu access in TeraTerm will be available using the password configured in RPS

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