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    How to Allow End User to Access User Information Via Software


    How can my customer add and delete users, adjust skeds times, and view the panel history log from a work station with out being able to change CS information and how the points functions?


    Remote Programming Software LITE (RPS-LITE) is an account management and control panel programming utility for Microsoft Windows operating systems. RPSLITE
    is designed for system owners with compatible control panels to perform user programming tasks,
    record storage, and troubleshooting.
    Control Panel management tasks:
    RPS-LITE provides programming of specific parameters by system owners. RPS-LITE operators can
    change, add, or delete any of the following items for end users: passcodes, cards, tokens, keyfobs, user
    windows, and schedules (SKEDs).
    Guided navigation to individual modules makes finding trouble conditions quick and easy.
    Remote diagnostics allow operators to:
    • View system status and retrieve history
    • Bypass and reset points
    • Arm and disarm
    • Silence bells
    • Reset sensors
    • Perform output, time, and date functions
    • View SDI/SDI2 and option bus device status
    • Update panel firmware (GV4 and newer control panels)
    Expanded diagnostics for:
    • B9512G/B8512G control panels and all compatible modules
    • Bosch Cellular Service and cellular communicators
    • Cloud connections and Remote Connect Service (a Bosch Cloud-based Service)
    Report capability
    A variety of reports are available. Customize reports to include company logos and custom text. Select a
    range of pages and either print them or save them as an HTML, PDF, RTF, XLS, or TXT file. Context-sensitive and Quick Help Selectable, context-sensitive Help files correspond to the parameters for each control panel. The control panel's account window provides Quick Help information regarding the fields in the control panel's settings pane. The Quick Help information changes when the cursor moves over the fields. Local and Wide-area network accessibility The software uses a static IP address or a host name, including Domain Name System (DNS), to connect to control panels on a local-area network (LAN), widearea network (WAN), or the Internet. The connection provides fast uploads and downloads.

    USB direct connect
    Connect to B9512G/B8512G or B Series control panels via USB for easy on-site programming.
    Installation/configuration notes
    Compatible control panels*
    • B9512G/B8512G
    • B9512G-E/B8512G-E
    • B6512/B5512/B4512/B3512
    • B5512E/B4512E/B3512E
    • D6412/D4412
    • D9112B1/D7212B1
    • D8112G2, D8112G1, D8112G, D8112E1, D8112E,
    • D9412GV4/D7412GV4/D7212GV4, D9412GV3/
    D7412GV3/D7212GV3, D9412GV2/D7412GV2/
    D7212GV2, D9412G/D7412G/D7212G, D9412/
    D7412/D7212, D9112/D9112B1/D7212B1*
    *To create an account in RPS for either a D9412G or D7412G control panel, use the D9412default.dsf file on the RPS DVD to create a D9412G account. Use the D7212default.dsf file on the RPS DVD to create a
    D7212G account.
    *During RPS installation, the default is to install all control panels, but the installer can choose to limit the
    control panels installed. If RPS does not show a desired control panel model, install that control panel.
    Compatible modems
    Refer to the application Help file for a list of compatible modems. Generally, modems must originate a call in Answer Mode but must not use data compression, flow control, or error correction (LAPM, MNP).

    Ordering information
    D5500C-LITE-USB Kit with DVD & USB security key Account management and control panel programming software with USB security key (dongle).
    Order number D5500C-LITE-USB
    D5500CU-LITE Upgrade DVD RPS software is available for free download on the RPS-LITE product page. It is also available on DVDROM.
    Order number D5500CU-LITE
    D5371-USB Security block (USB) Security accessory required for RPS-LITE communication.
    Order number D5371-USB

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