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    How to arm entire system with delays.

    To arm the entire system with delays, follow the steps below:

    COMMAND 1 is used to arm the entire system, both perimeter and interior zones. Once you have entered COMMAND 1, the exit delay time starts. You now have a predetermined amount of time to exit the protected area before the system arms. During the exit period, you may move through motion detectors or any protected area on your way to the exit door without causing an alarm. To cancel COMMAND 1, enter your personal passcode and press ENT.

    NOTE: If you leave the building after the exit time expires, you may begin the entry delay, or initiate an alarm. If this happens, disarm your system by entering your personal passcode and press ENT . If your system reports to a Central Station, you may need to call them if an alarm occurs.


    COMMAND 1 is useful in applications where you want your cleaning service, a serviceperson or anyone to arm your system when they leave, but you do not want them to have the passcode to disarm the system. COMMAND 1 arms the system, but it will not disarm the system.

    Arming with COMMAND 1:

    1. Ensure that all zones are secure. All of the Zone Status indicator lights on the Command Center should be off.
    2. Press the COMMAND bar. The Command Mode indicator light comes on.
    3. Press the 1 key. The PERIMETER indicator and the INTERIOR indicator lights begin to flash on and off. This indicates that the system has begun exit delay time.
    4. To disarm your security system or cancel COMMAND 1, enter your personal passcode and press ENT before the delay time expires.

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