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    How to Arm Perimeter without Delays CMD 2 D6112, D4112


    How can you arm the perimeter without delays?

    Arm the Perimeter without Delays

    COMMAND 2 is used to arm only the perimeter of your building, leaving the interior of the building disarmed. This command allows no exit or entry delay time through the perimeter, including the designated delay door. Although this command does not send a "Closing Report" to the Central Station, it will still send alarms. Enter your personal passcode plus ENT to cancel COMMAND 2.


    This arming command is useful in residential systems at night when everyone is home and ready to retire for the evening. In commercial installations, this arming command is useful when you are working late and you want the perimeter of the building armed until you are ready to leave.

    Arming with COMMAND 2:

    1. Ensure that all perimeter zones are secure (interior zones are not armed with this command and may remain faulted while arming with COMMAND 2).
    2. Press the COMMAND bar. The Command Mode indicator light comes on.
    3. Press the 2 key. The PERIMETER  and INSTANT indicator lights comes on. This indicates that the perimeter zones are armed without entry/exit delay time.
    4. To disarm your security system or cancel COMMAND 2, enter your personal passcode and press ENT before the delay time expires.

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