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    How to Backup Remote Programming Software and the difference from exporting all panels.

    Remote Programming Software (RPS) should frequently be backed up to prevent data loss. Exporting panel accounts may be used as an additional step but should not be performed instead of performing an ‘RPS Backup’. This article explains each operation and the differences between them.

    How to perform the RPS Backup:

    1. Starting from the RPS application window, select: File > Backup. The Backup Filename dialog box opens.
    2. Specify a location and file name to save the RPS backup file.
    3. Click Save.  

    The backup creates a complete copy of the current database including the following.

    • Control panel accounts
    • Control panel templates
    • Operators
    • Unattended Time windows
    • History lists
    • Datalock codes
    • Activity lists
    • Security Levels
    • Encryption Keys

    How to export the list of all panel accounts:

    1. Starting from the RPS application window, select: File > Export > All.
    2. The Backup Filename dialog box opens.
    3. Specify a location and file name to save the RPS backup file.
    4. Click Save.  

    Exporting all panels includes the following.

    • Programmed configurations settings from each panel account.
    • Data tab settings from each panel such as Panel info, Network, UOM/UON, Cellular and Cloud are also saved.

    The difference between the RPS Backup and All Panel Export:

    • Exporting all panels only saves data particular to panel accounts. Datalocks and encryption keys are stored in RPS, not in panel accounts.
      • Connecting to exported panels that do not use the default datalock will be impossible.
      • Exported panels reporting to an encrypted receiver account reporting will be impossible.
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