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    How to Capture and Save a DX4020-G Log file for troubleshooting

    When troubleshooting the DX4020-G it can be very helpful to have a copy of the log file.
    The following steps will describe how to capture and save the log from the DX4020-G
    1.  place a jumper across the config mode pins and connect a usb mini cable between the pc and the usb mini port on the its-dx4020-g. 

    2.  go to device manager and look under ports (comm  & lpt) for the its-dx4020-g. 
    note: the picture below displays the com6 as the selected comm port however this may be different for each computer configuration.
    ITS-DX4020-G in Device manager.jpg

    3.  open tera-term, select the serial radio button and select the comm port for the dx4020-g as determined with device manager in step 2.
    2.  enter the log in password for the dx4020-g (default= 4020g)

    3.  press [3 + enter] to start the log. the log begins to run and will stop when any key is pressed. let the log run for about 10 minutes.

    4.  from the tera-term drop-down menus select edit and select screen.

    5.  open a text editor such as note-pad and paste the saved log.

    6.  select file and save-as to save the log file.
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