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    How to Configure the DX4020 for Encrypted Network Communications


    Enabling encryption on the DX4020 module.


    Telnet into the DX4020 using the IP Address ported to port 9999. (Ex: Telnet 9999, where is the IP address of the DX4020 .). 

    Follow the procedure below:

    • Press Enter to go into setup mode appears, Press the Enter key.
    • Select 6- Security from the main menu and follow the next steps:
    • At Disable SNMP (N) N press [ENTER].
      • At SNMP Community Name ( 😞 press [ENTER].
      • At Disable Telnet Setup (N) N press [ENTER].
      • At Disable Port 77FEh (N) N press [ENTER].
      • At Disable Web Server (N) N press [ENTER].
      • At Disable ECHO ports (Y) Y press [ENTER].
      • At Enable Encryption (N) press [Y].
      • At Key length in bits (0), type 128 and press [ENTER].
      • Change keys (N) press ‘Y’ to change it.
      • Enter keys the bytes programmed in the D6680-E120. These 16 bytes (32 characters) should match.  Default value is 01-02-03-04-05-06-07-08-09-10-11-12-13-14-15-16.
      • At Enable Enhanced Password (N) press [ENTER].
      • Select 9 at the main menu to save and close telnet session.
      • A message is displayed the connection was lost..
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