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    How to Correct Points Bypassing themselves on a single Alarm or Trouble GV2 Series

    Overview: In order to comply with SIA CP-01 standards, GV2 revision 7.06 and higher panels have modified the method that points programmed for Swinger Bypass are bypassed. GV2 panel revisions 7.05 and earlier will automatically bypass points and report Swinger Bypass P### when these points erroneously report four trouble or alarm events within one hour of the first event. RPS revision 5.5 and higher provides a field called Swinger Bypass Count to be used in GV2 panels revision 7.06 and higher. This setting, between 1 and 4, selects the number of times that a point will automatically bypass after going into trouble or alarm, the selected number of times, within 1 hour of the first event. The Swinger Bypass Count setting is defaulted to 1 and if left unchanged Swinger Bypass points will Bypass after one alarm or trouble event. Further, new GV2 panels revision 7.06 and higher come with a default Swinger Bypass Count setting of 1. If programming with RPS revision 5.4 or earlier, the Swinger Bypass Count field will not be available to change and the setting will remain at 1. Likewise, if programming with the D5200 programmer using GV2Aux revision 1.01 or 1.00 the same problem will occur. RPS 5.5 or GV2Aux revision 1.02 or higher is required for programming.


    Why do points bypass after one trouble or alarm event?


    The point that generated 1 trouble or alarm and Bypassed uses a Point Index with Swinger Bypass set to Yes and the Swinger Bypass Count is set to 1. This setting is modified in GV2Aux>Misc>Swinger Bypass count in RPS rev 5.5 or higher. Using a D5200 programmer, GV2Aux revision 1.02 must be used. Swinger Count can be modified by entering group on Miscellaneous and then Swinger Count.

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