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    How to Define DS7080i Error Messages


    What do the error displays mean on the DS7080i ?


    Error Displays

    Control panel problems are indicated by a flashing green Power Light.

    The DS7447 display will also read “Control Trouble, Enter # 8 7.” The DS7445 will only flash the green Power Light.

    The Error messages may only be read when the control is disarmed. Contact your installing company if the problems persist.

    1.) DS7447 - “AC Power Failure”:

    DS7445 - LED 1 turns on steady:

    There is a power failure and the panel is operating on backup battery.

    2.) DS7447 - “Battery Trouble”:

    DS7445 - LED 2 turns on steady:

    If the system has just been through a power failure, wait at least two hours for the battery to recharge, then enter a PIN + [System Reset] to perform a battery test.

    3.) DS7447 - “Communicator Err”:

    DS7445 - LED 3 turns on steady:

    The communicator failed to communicate with the central station.

    4.) DS7447 - “System Fault”:

    DS7445 - LED 4 turns on steady:

    Internal error in the control circuitry or optional circuitry. These faults are displayed as follows:

    • RAM Fault
    • ROM Fault
    • EEPROM Fault
    • TRBL Zone Fault.

    5.) DS7447 - “Keypad Fault”:

    DS7445 - LED 5 turns on steady:

    One of the keypads is not responding to the control panel.

    6). DS7447 - “Aux Power Fault”:

    DS7445 - LED 8 turns on steady:

    The auxiliary power has been shorted.

    7.) DS7447 - “Zone Trouble”: DS7445 - LED 6 turns on steady:

    One of the zones is not responding to the control panel. This may also be displayed during power-up (if so, ignore).

    * = If in “Residential Mode”, a PIN is not required for these commands.

    ** = Battery Trouble and Communicator Err displays must be cleared by the [System Reset] command sequence even after the problem has been remedied. These displays will not self clear. All the other error displays will self clear from the keypads once the problem has been remedied.

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