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    How to Delete a User CMD 53 from the Keypad on 7000, 9000, G, GV2, GV3, GV4, & New G Series Panels


    What is CMD 53 - DEL PASSCODES ? COMMAND 53


    Use this function to delete a personal passcode from your system without assistance from your security company. You need to know the user number for the passcode you want to delete.

    • The two digit user numbers identify users in reports transmitted from your system.

    Using Del Passcodes:

    1. Ensure your command center is at idle text.

    2. Press the COMMAND bar. The display shows SYSTEM COMMAND.

    3. Press the 5 key, then press the 3 key. Note: If you prefer, you may use the Command Menu in place of steps 2 and 3 to initiate this function. Press the MENU key to enter the Command Menu, then press NEXT repeatedly until you reach the DEL PASSCODES ? prompt. Press ENT.

    4. The command center displays ENTER USER NUM. Enter the two-digit user number, not the passcode. Press ENT. If you enter a user number not programmed into the system, NOT IN USE displays. Check the user number and enter again.

    5. DELETE USER ## ? displays. Press ENT to delete the passcode for this user.

    6. The command center briefly displays PASSCODE DELETED and then returns to idle disarmed text.

    Part numbers D7212B, D9112B, D7212B1, D9112B1, D7212, D7412, D9112, D9124, D9412, D7212G, D7412G, D9124G, D9412G, D7212GV2, D7412GV2, D9124GV2, D9412GV2, D7212GV3, D7412GV3, D9412GV3, D7212GV4, D7412GV4, D9412GV4, B8512G, B9512G

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