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    How to Diagnose Command Center Warning Signals


    What do the command center warning tones mean?


    Command Center Warning Signals

    The Command Center contains a built-in sounder used as an interior warning device. A bell or siren can also be mounted on the exterior of your premises to alert your neighbors of an emergency and to give the police an audible reference to help them locate the alarm. Several different warning signals are emitted from the Command Center to alert you when an event occurs (not all signals will be heard outside). Some of these tones are optional, and can be selected by your alarm technician.

    1. Entrance Warning: The Command Center beeps during the entry delay period to remind you to disarm your security system. If the security system is not disarmed before the entry delay expires, an alarm signal may be sent to the Central Station and the alarm audible sounds.
    2. Keystroke Entry: Pressing any key on the Command Center sounds a short beep tone, indicating that the entry is accepted.
    3. Faulted Zone: The Command Center sounder is activated for two seconds after you enter an arming command to indicate that a zone is faulted, and the indicator of the faulted zone lights.
    4. Watch Tone: When the Perimeter Watch Mode is activated, the Command Center emits a brief tone to alert you when any perimeter zone is faulted and the zone indicator lights to indicate which zone is faulted. The tone sounds only when the door or window is opened. It does not sound again for that zone until the door or window is closed and then reopened.
    5. Service Tone: Some zones may be programmed to sound a service tone when they are faulted. The zone indicator light annunciates which zone is faulted. To silence the service tone, enter COMMAND 4 or enter your personal passcode plus ENT, at the Command Center.
    NOTE: Some zones, such as fire zones, may be programmed so that the sounder cannot be silenced until the zone fault is corrected My system can be silenced by entering COMMAND 4 or by using my personal passcode plus ENT. The system cannot be silenced unless the zone is returned to normal.
    6. Telephone Trouble: If the security system cannot report to the Central Station due to telephone line trouble or other cause, the Command Center emits a steady beep tone. This tone may be silenced by entering COMMAND 4 or your personal passcode plus ENT.

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