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    How to Enable Arming Bell Test DS7100


    How can I get the panel to test the bell when the system is Armed?


    In order to have the bell sound at the end of the Arming Sequence, you must follow the steps listed below:

    Put the system into program mode by either entering the INSTALLERS (Default is 98765) CODE # 0 or holding down the S1 pin on the middle of the control board down towards the bottom.

    Type in 81 # and see what the first data digit is and make a note of it. Ex. D1=1.

    Press # again to see what the second data digit is and make a note of it. Ex. D2=0.

    Press # again to see what the third data digit is and make a note of it. Ex. D3=7.

    Press # again to see what the fourth and final data digit is and make a note of it. Ex. D4=6

    Ex  D1=1 D2=0 D3=7 D4=6 for a complete number of 1076.

    In order to have the system do the Bell test when arming you must make digit 2 a 2 or a 3 and the other digits will stay the same.

    2 would give you the following: Test Bell but NOT the Phone line upon arming.

    3 would give you the following: Test Phone line AND Bell upon arming.

    Now press the * twice to get you back to the ADR= and do the following:

    To make the change with the number 2 option you will press 811276#


    To make the change with the number 3 option you will press 811376#

    After that you can hold * down for 3 seconds, release it, and test the changes out.

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