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    How to Interface the D169 to the D6412 or D4412


    The instructions do not show how to interface the D169 to the D6412.


    • Voice Verification: Allows the panel to control a D169 2-way Voice Verification Module. The D169 allows the central station personnel to verify alarms with a two-way voice session with the premises. The premises phone line runs from the panel to the D169 and then to the premises phones. There are two other module connections to the panel: the programmable relay output (-12 VDC) programmed with the Voice Request output function (2,10), and a point (zone) programmed as a Voice Active point. The panel must also have one or more points with the Voice Verification option selected in the point index. When a point with Voice Verification generates an alarm event:
      1. The panel transmits the alarm report to the receiver at the central station.
      2. When the central station receiver acknowledges the report, the panel activates the Voice Request output function and starts a 30-second report delay time. All reports are delayed. The D169 has 30 seconds to start a two-way voice session.
      3. An operator at the central station picks up the phone line from the receiver with a DTMF telephone and presses [2].
      4. At the premises, the D169 picked up the phone line when the panel activated the Voice Request output function. When it hears the DTMF tone from the operator pressing [2], it begins a two-way voice session by first shorting the panel’s Voice Active point.
      5. When the Voice Active point is shorted, the panel silences the non-fire alarm output (sets the Bell Timer to zero). Only the user can silence a fire alarm output.
      6. As long as the Voice Active point is shorted, the panel continues to keep reports buffered.
      7. The D169 ends the voice session by removing the short from the voice active point. The panel resets the bell time and Alarm Event Abort Window (assuming a user at the premises did not change the arming state of the panel during the voice session). Normal reporting (communication) resumes.


                     Hardware Configuration

    1.) J1 cable to the D6412

    • Brown to the negative out put
    • Green to the Voice active zone one the panel
    • Blue to the alarm out put if used
    • White not used
    • Red 12volts positive
    • Black panel common

    2.) J3 leave a default with A, and D jumped out.

    Need to follow instruction on the D169 for siren wiring, and operating instructions of the D169.


























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