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    How to Perform Local System Test CMD 44 D4112, D6112


    How do I do a local system test?


    Local System Test

    It is easy for you to test your security system without sending reports to the Central Station. This local system test is performed only when the security system is disarmed to ensure that your security system is operating properly, and should be used to test your system regularly.

    COMMAND 44 is used to test your security system. This command tests your Command Center, the system’s sounders (both interior and exterior) and the system’s detection devices. No alarm reports are sent to the Central Station unless a 24-hour zone is faulted (e.g.: panic, fire duress). Contact your Central Station before you test your fire protection system because an alarm report may be transmitted.

    To test individual detection devices, simply activate sensors and open protected doors and windows one-at-a-time. As detection devices are faulted, the Command Center display panel indicates the faulted zone. This verifies that the detection device is working properly.

    To use COMMAND 44:

    1. Ensure that the security system is disarmed.
    2. Press the COMMAND bar. The Command Mode indicator light comes on.
    3. Press the 4 key twice. Audible devices (both interior and exterior) sound. To silence the audible warning, press any numeric key of the Command Center keypad.
    4. After silencing the audible devices, you may test detection devices. Open a door or a window, or activate a motion sensor. The Command Center display panel indicates the zone which you have faulted. This verifies that individual devices are working properly.
    5. To end the Local System Test simply press any numeric key on the
    Command Center.

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