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    How-to: Remote Security Certificate Builder panel list is empty, no panels display in the software.

     The Remote Security Certificate Builder panel list is empty, no panels display in the software.

    1. Certificates can only be generated for GV4 or B series panels.  Verify there are GV4 and/or B series control panels listed in the RPS database that the software is connecting to.
         a. Open RPS to view the Panel List Screen
         b. Check the Panel Type column for GV4 or B series panels
    2. Ensure the filter line above the panel list is clear by pressing the X located to the right of the Filter entry.
    3. If there are multiple RPS databases verify the Remote Security Certificate Builder software is connecting to the correct one.  The SQL Server name and Database names in RPS and the Certificate Builder software should be the same.  Follow the below steps to compare database connecton settings between RPS and Certificate Builder. 
    Note: Because the RPS software currently connects to the database, No changes should be made to the RPS Database settings!

         a. On the top of the front page of RPS currently open, select Config and then System.
         b. Select Database settings tab; the below screen appears. Move this box to the side of your screen to compare to the Remote Security Certificate Builder database settings.  Do not change the entries in this screen.

          c. Open the Remote Security Certificate Builder software

          d. Don’t log-into the software but instead select Database Settings.

         e. Select Manage on the line that reads RPS.
              Note: A-link only applies to control panels sold outside the US.  The line which reads A-Link can be ignored. 



    4. Compare the SQL Server Name in the database settings of Remote Certificate Builder with those in the RPS database settings to ensure both are the same.  If the database settings of Remote Certificate Builder and RPS are different, then the software is not connecting to the correct database. 

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