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    How to Setup & Troubleshoot the B426/B420 Conettix Ethernet Communication Module.

     IP Communicator Component Overview.
     Bus Type, Address Selection and Function.
    Maintenance and troubleshooting LEDs.
    How to connect to RPS using the IP Communicator.
    How to connect to RPS using: ‘Connect Via: IP Direct.
    How to connect to RPS using ‘Connect Via:  Network’.
    B8512G/B9512G or GV4.
    FPD-7024, all G series 6.0 and higher, GV2 and GV3 type.
    How to configure the IP Communicator using keypad programming.
    When using B920 or B930 SDI2 type Keypads.
    When using D1255 or D1260 SDI type keypads.
    How to configure the IP Communicator using Remote Programming Software.
    How to configure the IP Communicator using the Web Browser.
    Basic Network Settings Page.
    Advanced Network Settings Page.
    Panel Address Settings Page.
    Select the Device Address Remotely.
    Encryption and Security Settings Page.
    Encryption Enable.
    Web and Automation Security.
    Maintenance Page.
    Factory Default Page.
    Firmware Upgrade Page.
    Connect to the Web Interface when the IP address is Unknown.
    Replace an IP Communicator connected to SDI2 keeping the original settings.
    Determine if the B426 is the original or the modified version.
    Trouble connecting the IP Communicator to the Web Interface.
    Applications with the IP communicator set to DHCP/Auto-Enable=YES.
    Applications with the IP communicator set to DHCP/Auto-Enable=NO.
    There is a problem with the security certificate when logging into the Web Interface.
    The IP Communicator LED’s are not working.
    Can supervision be disabled for the IP Communicator?
    The IP Communicator settings in RPS are greyed out or keypad programming is locked.
    Trouble connecting to RPS using the IP Communicator.
    Verify correct panel account type selected in RPS for existing panel firmware revision.
    Verify correct module address selection.
    Check for address conflicts.
    Verify the correct RPS passcode is used when connecting.
    Trouble connecting to RPS: ‘Connect via: IP Direct’.
    Trouble connecting when using Connect via: Network.
    Verify correct Encryption settings (G or Non-G thru GV4 v1.00-1.99 types only).

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