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    How to Troubleshoot Communication Troubles on 7000/9000 and G Series Panels



    Panel is not dialing out to report any/some reports and/or central station is not receiving any/some reports over the phone line(s).


    There are many things that could cause all/certain reports not to be sent to the central station receiver.  In general, check the following first:

    1.) Ensure the proper phone number is programmed into the panel:

        a.)Go to Panel Wide Parameters then go to phone.

                  i.) In a 9000 or G series panel, this will be in 9000MAIN.

                  ii.) In a D7212B/B1 or D9112B/B1, this will be in the 7212B or 9112B handler respectively.

        b.) Ensure there is a phone number programmed in phone number 1 at least.

         c.) Connect a butt set to the phone line that the panel is using for communications and dial the phone number programmed into phone number 1 to ensure that this number will work on this phone line.

    2.) Ensure the phone number checked in the previous step is enabled in routing:

        a.) In a B or B1 panel do the following:

                   i.) Go to phone routing in the appropriate handler.

                   ii.) In Phone 1, make sure that there is a "P" for primary for the event group applicable for the event(s) not being sent.

        b.) In a 9000 or G series panel do the following:

                   i.) Go to Routing in 9000MAIN

                   ii.) For Route 1, set R1 Primary Device to 1 and, if a second phone number is being used, set R1 Backup device to 2.

    3.) On a 9000 or G series panel, check that Enhanced Routing is disabled:

        a.) In Panel Wide Parameters, enter group on Enhanced Routing and make sure that all prompts are set to No for at least RG1.

    4.) Ensure the phone lines are properly connected to the panel:

        a.) If only one phone line is being connected to the panel, it should be coming from the incoming telephone service directly to the telco jack on the bottom left of the panel before being connected to any other phone lines.

        b.) If a D128 or D928 is being used with two phone lines, the primary line should be coming from the incoming telephone service directly to the TOP jack of the D128/D928.  The secondary should be going to the MIDDLE jack on the D128/D928, and the BOTTOM jack of the D128/D928 should be connected to the telco jack on the bottom left of the panel.

    5.) If the reports not being sent/received are specific to one point/zone check to see that the point index being used is not set for Local While Armed or Local While Disarmed.

    If none of these help, please call Bosch Technical Support for further Assistance.

    Part numbers D7212B, D9112B, D7212B1, D9112B1, D7212, D7412, D9112, D9124, D9412, D7412G, D9124G, D9412G

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