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    How to Troubleshoot D4112 Unable to Arm

    Overview: D4112 doesn’t arm or anything when code is entered at the keypad.


    Nothing happens. Doesn’t arm or anything when code is entered at the keypad.


    • Connect programmer using coiled cord.
    • Plug in plastic RJ phone type plug into COMMUNICATOR female connector on 5200
    • Plug brown connector on other end of coiled cord to programmer connection on 4112
    • Press ON button on 5200
    • Type in password at PASSWORD prompt, press enter.
    • Top Line of 5200 shows PRODUCT HANDLERS
    • Using the up/down arrows scroll down until 4112. Please blinking cursor on 4112
    • Press RED Enter Group button
    • Place cursor on NEWRECORD
    • Short the Standby pin on 4112 to ground momentarily
    • Press RECV(COPY) button on programmer
    • Receiving will be displayed at the top line of the 5200 Display
    • Scroll down using arrow down key until cursor is on 2 PASSCODES
    • Press ENTER GROUP button
    • Passcode1 should have 234 in the field.
    • To change field, press CLEAR key and type in the code to be used.
    • Press enter
    • The code is restricted to 4 characters but the user enters a prefix of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…depending upon the slot. Example: PASSODE1 shows 234. The user code will be 1234


    *** NOTE: Also make sure that the panel has a valid and functioning analog line.  The functionality of the system is dependent upond successful communications.

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