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    How to Troubleshoot DX4010i, DX4010V2, & D9133DC with Hyper Terminal


    Testing the DX4010i and D9133DC operation and communication using HyperTerminal.


    HyperTerminal can be used to verify that the DX4010i is communicating over the serial port to another serial device. This is a good test to perform if running into problems connecting a control panel to PC9000, Readykey Pro or Crestron using the DX4010i. This process has been broken up into four steps; panel setup, device configuration, pc serial port configuration, and HyperTerminal Setup.

    Note: You must use a Null Modem Serial Cable when connecting the DX4010i to serial devices; Computer, PC9000, ReadyKey Pro, and Crestron.

    Panel setup: Receive a copy of RADXAUX1 with the D5200 or RPS/RAMIV. Move to the SDI Automation section of RADXAUX1. Set Enable SDI Automation to Yes. Under SDI Automation also set Status Rate to 20.

    Device Configuration: Disconnect the DX4010i from the SDI bus. Lock the Reset Pin down. Set the DX4010i to Address 80 by setting address switches 1-4 to on and 5-8 to off. Connect the DX4010i to SDI bus. Remove the cover from DX4010i. Place the jumper over the P2 pins labelled LED Enable. Lift and unlatch the Reset Pin on the panel. Wait 1 minute for the DX4010i to initialize. Once the DX4010i has initialized you will see activity on the BUS LED’s.

    PC Serial Port Configuration: Open device manager. Windows XP/2000 users go to Start, choose Settings then Control Panel. Double click on the System icon. On the System Properties window select the Hardware tab at the top. Press the Device Manager button. Find Ports and select the + symbol to the left to expand the ports section. Double click on com 1. The com 1 properties page will open. Select the port settings tab at the top. Verify the port settings. Bits per second should be set to 9600, Data Bits to 8, Parity to None, Stop Bits to 1, and Flow Control to None. Press OK and close the device manager.

    HyperTerminal Setup: Press the Start button, select Programs, choose Accessories, choose Communications and then select HyperTerminal. HyperTerminal will open, give the session a name and press OK. On the "Connect to" screen select the drop down box for Connect Using. Select Com 1 from the list. You will now see the port settings window for HyperTerminal. Set Bits per Second to 9600, Data Bits to 8, Parity to None, Stop Bits to 1, and Flow Control to None. Click Apply then press OK.

    If you have followed these instructions should now see data populating the screen from the panel.

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