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    How to Use Selective Zone Shunting D4112 / D6112


    How do I use Selective Zone Shunting?

    Selective Zone Shunting

    The Command Center makes it easy for you to have complete control over
    your security system. By using Selective Zone Shunting you have the
    ability to bypass zones you do not wish to arm, directly from the Command
    Center. If you don't want a particular zone to arm, simply push the same
    numbered key as that zone, and it will not arm with the rest of the system.

    CAUTION: When a zone is bypassed, it is not armed and therefore,
    your protection is compromised.

    In an office building or warehouse, Selective Zone Shunting enables you
    to arm only those areas that need to be kept secure. Areas where personnel
    are working can be kept disarmed until they are finished and the areas
    vacated. To arm all zones, simply disarm the unit and rearm using
    COMMAND 1 or your personal passcode plus ENT .

    To use Selective Zone Shunting:
    1. Ensure that all zones are secure.
    2. Start the system exit delay by entering your personal passcode plus
    lights flash, indicating the start of the exit delay time.
    3. While the system is in the exit delay mode, press the COMMAND
    bar and then the 0 key. The system is now in the Selective Zone
    Shunting mode. (Priority and 24 hour zones cannot be bypassed).
    4. To prevent a zone from being armed, press the key that corresponds
    with the number of that zone and then the ENT key. During the
    exit time, if a bypassed zone is to be armed with the rest of the system,
    press the key that corresponds to the zone, and then the ENT key.
    Each time a zone number key is pressed while in this mode, the exit
    time is restarted. This provides time to select the zones you wish to
    5. After all zone arming selections have been made, press the ENT key
    to enter your commands and terminate the Selective Zone Shunting
    mode. The indicators of bypassed zones will blink slowly. The system
    returns to the original arming command. You should now exit the

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