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    How to access the IP Communicator Web Browser.

    • Note: The web browser configuration is only required when connecting to the SDI or Option bus type panels. B-Series or GV4 panels normally connect the IP communicator to the SDI-2 bus and are configured using panel programming.
    • Note: When having trouble connecting to the Web Browser it may be necessary to change the web browser configuration so that it does not use a proxy server. Refer to the browser’s online help for instructions on disabling proxy service.
    1. Set the address switch correctly for the panel type.
      1. SDI panel types:  Switch address 4 (address 88).
      2. Option bus panel types:  Switch address 9 (address 250).
    2. Connect the IP Communicator to the panel;
      1. SDI bus panel types: Use either the 4-pin molex connector or a 4-conductor wire landed on terminals 29-32.
      2. Option bus panel types: Use a 4-conductor wire landed on option bus connections R/B/G/Y.
    3. Open an internet browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or higher, or Mozilla Firefox 3 or higher) and connect to the IP communicator using the default IP address: 254.1.1 (or a previously configured IP address) and press [Enter]. The B426’s Login page opens (see below).

    4. Web Browser Log-in.png
    5. Enter the password (default: B42V2) and click Login. The Device Information home page opens. Check for current firmware version (figure 5).  The firmware download is located at;  under Catalog>Intrusion Alarm Systems>Conettix Communicators.
    6. Browse to the desired page and configure following the steps described in the following pages. Select OK on each page after entering changes. Changes are not saved if OK isn’t selected.
    • Note: When the IP Communicator is not default and has an IP address configured, the Web and Automation Security setting must be adhered to for successful connection.
      • Web and Automation Security Enabled, use: https:// [B426 IP address]
      • Web and Automation Security Disabled, use: http:// [B426 IP address]
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