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    How to add or Modify user and access credentials.

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    Add/Change User - [COMMAND 56]

    Use this function to add or change a passcode or card without assistance from the security company. Before adding or changing a passcode or card, you must know which user numbers are available, the authority level you want to assign to the new user, and the areas in which the passcode or card are valid.

    Performing Add User process:

    1. Ensure the display shows idle disarmed text.
    2. Press the [COMMAND] bar. The display shows SYSTEM COMMAND.
    3. Press [5] then [6].
    4. The display shows ENTER USER #. Enter the user number and press [ENT].
    5. The display shows USER # (or user text, such as the name of the user, if this feature was programmed into your system by your security company) to allow for confirmation. Press [ENT] if the correct user number (or user name) appears. Press [ESC] if not.
    6. ADD PASSCODE? appears (If the user number already exists, CHANGE PASSCODE? appears). Press [ENT]. ENTER NEW CODE appears. Enter the new passcode followed by [ENT]. ENTER AGAIN appears. Enter the new passcode a second time for confirmation. Press [ENT]. The display shows PASSCODE ADDED (or PASSCODE CHANGED if the user number was already in the system).
    7. ADD LEVEL? (CHANGE LEVEL? If the user number already exists) appears. Press [ENT].
    8. VALID AREA 1? appears. If you wish this user number to be valid in Area 1, press [ENT]. If not, press [NEXT].
    9. AUTH LEVEL appears. Assign the authority level you wish the user number to have for this area and press [ENT]. Record this information.
    10. VALID AREA 2? appears. Enter the information necessary for the areas in the scope of the keypad by following steps 8 and 9 for each area (up to 8 areas). LEVEL ADDED (or LEVEL CHANGED) appears when all area assignments are made. Press [ENT].

    Systems With Access Control:

    • If your system includes access control features, such as card readers at doors, the following prompt appears: ADD CARD? (CHANGE CARD? appears for users who already have cards.)
    • If the user has card or token access to the building or area, press [ENT]. PRESENT CARD appears. Present the card at the card reader and wait for the tone. If the card or token is read correctly, a tone sounds and the command center keypad shows CARD ADDED (or CARD CHANGED if the user already has a card or token). Press [ENT].
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