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    How to add the RF ID for a wireless transmitter to a DS7420/DS7220 Panel.

    Follow the steps below to enter Installer Mode.

    • Enter the Installer PIN. Press [#][4][1]. See Installer PIN for PIN length, default and other related information within the program entry guide.
    • Press [7] for RF Menu.
    • Adding RF ID Codes: To add RF ID codes into the system, press [1] when “Add RF ID? Press 1” appears.
    • The display shows the following: To add the location as a RF device (Location 9 used as an example), press [9][*].
    • The following appears: Enter the 9-digit ID code found on the back of the RF device and then press [#].
    •  “ID added. Press #” appears on the second line of the display, indicating that the code has been successfully entered and accepted. If an error message appears, make sure you enter the code as printed on the back of the device and that you only enter 9 digits. Press [#].
    • The display returns to the first location designated as a RF device and scrolls through other RF device locations (if any). You may enter the desired location number and add the ID code as described above. When all RF ID codes have been entered, press [#] twice.

    The first line of the display shows “Configuring RF Please Wait.” During this period, the RF Receiver’s LED blinks approximately once every second until all ID bytes have been recognized. If the devices are successfully configured, the display returns to the scrolling RF Menu. If an error message appears during the configuration period, make sure the RF Receiver’s transmit lines are properly connected to the panel and that no shorted conditions are present. Consult your control panel's programming documentation for complete keypad programming instructions.

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