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    How to change Legacy Mode in the IP Communicator.

    • Legacy Panel Mode cannot be changed with the B426 or B420 IP Communicator when addressed as 0.
    • This article discusses how to change Legacy Panel Mode on the B426 or B420 IP Communicator .
    Legacy Panel Mode emulates Datagram 00 on the Conettix DX4020 modules.
    The following Legacy panels use the setting: Legacy Panel Mode= Enabled.
    • GV2 Series v7.05 and lower
    • G Series v6.99 and lower
    • DS7400XiV4


    • When programming Legacy type panels the source and destination port must be the same. To allow for the panel (Local) port to be different from the receiver (destination) port, the firmware of the panel must be upgraded to one which does not require Legacy mode Enabled.
    • When changing the B420 or B426 address, a power down reset must be performed for the card to apply the new address. A 30 second power-down is recommended to fully power the card down prior to restoring power.
    The B426 or B420 Must be set to Address 4 in order to change the Legacy Panel Mode setting. When not set to address 4, the Advanced Network Setting screen will appear as seen below; notice the Legacy Panel Mode setting is greyed out.

    B426 Legacy Mode Greyed out.png
    When addressed to 4, the Legacy Panel Mode setting is no longer greyed out and can now be set to Enabled or Disabled. (See below)
    B426 Legacy Mode Disable.png

    After enabling Legacy Panel Mode, click OK at the bottom of the screen.  Then select Save and Execute.  After the changes are saved, you can continue configuring the module, or logout.
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