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    How to change the site code of a D8229 Access Keypad

    1. Remove power from the D8229 by disconnecting the Red wire from input voltage.

    2. Connect the Pink wire to the Black wire.

    3. Reconnect power to the D8229 by reconnecting the Red wire to input voltage.

    • Four (4) rapid beeps will be heard and both the Red and Green LEDs will flash at the same rate.

    4. Enter a new Site Code between 1-255 and press #.

    • An error tone will sound if a site code higher than 255 is entered.
    • After entering the new Site Code the keypad will sound 4 rapid beeps and both LEDs will flash 4 times. The D8229 will appear inoperative and not accept additional entries once the new entry is completed.
    • To correct a wrong entry, press the star [ * ] key instead of # . The keypad will sound 2 rapid beeps and both Green LEDs resume flashing at the same rate. Enter the correct site code and then press #.

    5.  Remove power from the D8229 by disconnecting the Red wire.

    6.  Remove the Pink wire from the Black wire.

    7.  Reconnect power to the D8229 by connecting the Red wire and returning to normal configuration.

    D8229 Connector wiring.png

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