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    How to configure a Point for 24 Hour ‘Buzz on Fault’ point that will not alarm.

     A point can be configured to sound the trouble tone (Buzz) when the point is off normal but not generate an alarm.  There are three options to configuring ‘Buzz on Fault.  

    Buzz on Fault Options:

    • 1: The point generates a buzz until restore at the command center for any fault condition. The buzz continues until the point restores and the user acknowledges the condition using a passcode or Command 4. The point must be normal before the user can silence the buzz.
    • 2: The point will generate a buzz at the command center for any fault condition. The point does not have to be normal before the user can silence the buzz.
    • 3:The point will generate a buzz at the command center when the point is off-normal. The user cannot silence this buzz (by either passcode or Command 4), but it silences automatically when the point restores.
    Note: Each of the options 1, 2 or 3 apply to disarmed points.  This solution deals with points that are never armed. 
    The steps below describe how to configure a non-reporting, non-arming point that sounds a trouble tone at the keypad when off normal.
    1. Select a Point Profile (or Point Function) and set the Point Type and Response as:
    • 7000/9000 – GV4 ver1.x: Point Type= 1 or 2 / Point Response= F.
    • GV4 ver2.x – B8512G/B9512G: Point Type= Part On: Instant or Part On: Delay / Point Response= F.
    1. Set the Buzz on Fault setting as described above for the desired effect.
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