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    How to configure the DX4020 for Different Ports.

    • What are the requirements to use a DX4020 with compatible 7000/9000 series panel and datagram type 02 with different ports?
    • The following are settings for using datagram type 02 on a DX4020 module and using PAT (Port Address Translation) to allow RPS to connect to 7000/9000G and GV2 series panels from a WAN into a LAN. This setup would be used in the case of multiple DX4020 modules behind a gateway which requires RPS to connect the panels on the internal LAN.
    • Please note that the DX4020, RPS, and panel firmware all must be high enough revision to support datagram 02. Also note that the receiver's datagram type in the D6680 cobox must also be datagram 02 if the DX4020 is also being used for netcom.
    • Telnet into DX4020 and set Channel 1 Configuration -> Port No to a unique port number for each DX4020.
    • In the case of multiple DX4020's behind a single gateway, set each DX4020 on the LAN to a unique port number (ie. 7701, 7702, 7703).
    • PAT must be configured in the gateway router to allow connection to the panels on the internal network (LAN) using it's unique port number; therefore, the LAN's network administrator will have to configure port forwarding.
    • RPS must connect to the external IP address of the gateway router of the private LAN using the unique port number assigned for each panel. Please note that if the external IP address of the gateway router is not assigned statically, then this IP address will change after it's lease time expires and will have to be changed in RPS.
    • Ensure all ports in use are not filtered or blocked at the gateway or firewall. Ask the LAN's network administrator for assistance
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