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    How to configure the RK40 iCLASS pin reader for 26-bit output.

    When using the RK40 iCLASS Pin Reader with the D9210C or D9210B Access Control Module, the reader must be configured for 26-bit output.  The ARD-RK40-14 comes pre-configured for 26-bit output. The ARD-RK40-09 must be reconfigured with the configuration card pack from HID because the -09 readers are 8 bit. The configuration card pack can be ordered from

    While filling out the form, in the Comment text box  indicate you want the iClass Configuration Card Pack. You can request the card pack sent overnight if you supply them with your UPS number. Otherwise,HID ships it ground shipping.

    Once you receive the card pack, you must perform the following steps at each reader:

    1. Power down the ARD-RK40-09 reader, and then reapply power.
    2. Present the RESET CARD within 10 seconds of power up. 
      Note: Expect a change in LED activity, and then the LED returns to an alternating red and green pattern.
    3. Power down the reader, and then reapply power.
    4. Present the KEYPAD OUTPUT # 2 card for 26 bit output within 10 seconds of power up. 
      Note: Listen for a 2 beep tone signifying the change.
    5. The reader steps through a short setup period, and then gives a 3 beep tone. After the 3 beep tone, enter the 3-digit Master Site you wish to use followed by the # key.  (Use 000# for a master site of zero.)
    6. The configuration process is complete. Add a card with CMD 56 at the D1255 or D1260 keypad that has a door assigned in programming, test, and then receive a copy of the program with RPS to confirm the entry is correct.

    ****CAUTION**** Upon a power cycle to the reader, there is an interval of approximately 1 min during which if you enter a 3-digit code followed by #, the master site is changed for that reader. This will cause codes with different site codes to appear invalid and be rejected by the reader. Be careful not to change the site code accidentally after a power cycle.

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