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    How to determine EN1224-ON keyfob compatibility with wireless interfaces and control panels.

    The EN1224-ON is a wireless keyfob used for arming and disarming and in some applications can generate a panic condition. The keyfob works with a wireless interface connected to either the panel’s Zonex or SDI2 bus depending on the type of panel used.

    SDI2 applications:

    • Wireless Interface:
      • B820.
    • Control Panel:
      • B8512G/B9512G, B-Series and GV4 types (all versions).

    B8512G/B9512G, B-Series and GV4 types use the B820 wireless interface connected to the SDI2 bus. When configured with SDI2, EN1224-ON keyfobs are added directly to panel users.  Therefore, a wireless keyfob may be added to each panel user and, when used to arm/disarm, a user specific event is generated by the panel.

    A total of 350 wireless devices are allowed on the control panel.  Therefore the number of EN1224-ON keyfobs allowed is equal to 350 minus the total number of existing wireless points.

    • The EN1224-ON star buttons are no longer operational in the SDI2 application and do not generate a response from the control panel.
    • Pressing the EN1224-ON’s ON button operates in the same way as a ‘passcode-arm’ operation. The programmed Force-Arm/Bypass Max entry is followed, and if exceeded will prevent arming. The keyfob does not provide feedback as to whether an area did or did not arm.

    Zonex applications:

    • Compatible Wireless Interfaces:
      • ISW-D8125CW or ISW-D8125CW-V2.
    • Compatible Control Panels:
      • D7412G version 6.3+ and D7412GV2 – GV4 (all versions).
      • D9412G version 6.3+ and D9412GV2 – GV4 (all versions).
    • D7412 types allow one wireless interface to be added to Zonex 1 along with one EN1224-ON keyfob using points 74 & 75. Only 1 EN1224-ON is allowed.
    • D9412 types allow for an additional wireless interface to be added to Zonex 2 along with an additional EN1224-ON keyfob using points 194 & 195. Only 2 EN1224-ON’s are allowed.

    The following notes apply to Zonex applications:

    • The Zonex interface is compatible with the GV4, however is not preferred over the enhanced B820 SDI2 interface to be discussed later.
    • Each wireless interface only allows a single EN1224-ON keyfob. Therefore only one keyfob is allowed with D7412 types using Zonex or two keyfobs with D9412 types using Zonex.
    • Points 74 & 75 cannot be used for any other panel inputs when the wireless interface is connected to Zonex 1. Points 194 & 195 cannot be used for any other panel inputs when the wireless interface is connected to Zonex 2.
    • The D7212G-GV4 panel types only provide points 1 – 40 and are not compatible with the EN1224-ON in a Zonex configuration.
    • The EN1224-ON arm/disarm operation works as a Keyswitch Maintained input and the following rules apply;
      • Opening/Closing events do not associate with any user in panel event logging.
      • Arming with the EN1224-ON operates in the same way as a scheduled arm or keyswitch point. The area will force arm around all faulted or bypassed points regardless of point programming or the Force-Arm/Bypass Max selection.
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