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    How to interpret the 'Check Device' display on a D1255 or D1260 keypad.

    How to interpret the 'Check Device' display on a D1255 or D1260 keypad.

    • There is a point using a point index with 'Display as Device' set as Yes.  Keypads will display 'Check Device' when this point is in any off normal state.
    • This point can be isolated by first reviewing off normal points and then determine which follows the point index configured in this way. 


    Perform the below steps to isolate the point and modify programming where needed.

    1. Press NEXT to scroll through the faulted inputs while taking take notes of point text of faulted points.
    2. Select MENU from the keypad and press NEXT until View Point Status displays.
    3. Select View Point Status and press NEXT until point text from step 1 displays.
    4. Press Enter to view the point numbers of the faulted points. Note the displayed point numbers as one of these points is generating the 'Check Device' display.
    5. Locate Point Assignments in the panel program and note the point indexes assigned to the faulted points from step 4.  Determine which, if any, of the faulted points should generate a 'Display as Device' display when off normal. 
      1. If none of the points should generate a ‘Check Device’ display, ensure ’Display as Device' is set to No in the point index assigned to each point.
      2. If any another point does need to generate a ‘Check Device’ display, then there should be 2 similar point indexes. One with Display as Device=Yes, assigned to points that will generate ‘Check Device’; another set to No to assign to points that will not generate ‘Display as Device’.
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