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    How to latch the Summary Fire Relay of a D7000/9000 and G Series control panel.

    • This feature provides a method of maintaining fire strobes after the alarm bells are silenced, and is also called the Audible Silence Feature.
    • 7000/9000 and G series control panels with Eprom revision 6.80 and later and Eprom revision 7.01 and earlier on the GV2 Series control panels offer the ability to latch the Summary Fire Alarm Relay. Enter a 24 in Area 2 Silent Alarm Relay. When the Silent Alarm Relay for Area 2 is programmed with 24, the Summary Fire Alarm Relay remains active until all fire alarms are cleared from the keypad display.
    • The default operation is consistent with the Summary Fire Relay operation in Version 6.60 and earlier for the D7000/9000 and G Series control panels. For Eprom revision 7.03 and earlier for the GV2 Series control panels, the relay follows the point.

      Example: As long as the point is shorted, the relay is active. Remove the short and the relay de-energizes.

      GV2 version 7.05+ and all newer panels/revisions, set the below parameter:
      • GV2 and GV3 ver 8.00-8.09:  GV2AUXMISCELLANEOUSFire Summary Sustain:
      • GV3 ver 8.10+ and GV4 ver1.x: AUX PARM MISCELLANEOUSFire Summary Sustain:
      • GV3 ver 8.10+: AUX PARM: MISCELLANEOUSFire Summary Sustain:
      • GV4 ver 2.00+, New G-Series and B-Series: PANEL WIDE PARAMETERS: MISCELLANEOUSFire Summary Sustain:
        • Yes: Summary Fire Relay clears when all Fire Alarms are cleared from the display.
        • No: Summary Fire Relay clears when the area Fire Alarms are silenced and all area Fire Points return to normal.
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