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    How to make a relay trip when a point is faulted.

    The relay response type parameter is used to determine if a point sharing the same point index with Relay Response Type set to a 0, 1, or 2 will trip a corresponding relay. This parameter is programmed within Point Indexes.

    Parameter Description

    Use this option to cause a relay (1 to 127) to respond when a corresponding point with the same number (1 to 127) is faulted. This requires connecting the D8129 OctoRelays to Zonex Bus 1 and/or Zonex Bus 2 (D9412GV2/D9412G only). Refer to address settings on the back of the D9412GV2 or D7412GV2 Program Record Sheets.

    Point 128 is reserved for use other than an actual point. Only the first 127 points can have an associated relay. Relays are not available for Points 129 to 247.

    IMPORTANT: Do not use the CHG RELAYS? function to toggle relays reserved for special functions. Special function relays are Area and Panel Wide relay functions, as well as relays assigned to Enter Key Relay and Relay Response Type.

    Parameter Options
    • 0: Point state does not affect the operation of the corresponding relay.

    • 1 Relay Follow Point: The relay corresponding with this point activates when the point is faulted to any off normal condition. The relay automatically resets when the point returns to normal.

    • 2 Relay Latches: The relay corresponding with this point latches when the point goes into an alarm condition. This relay provides a steady output until the alarm is acknowledged by a valid passcode and then cleared from alarm memory with an acknowledgment at the keypad.

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