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    How to make the panel dial in DTMF when programmed for DTMF but still dialing in Pulse.

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    Newer control panels dial very quickly upon sending a report.  If there is no dial tone present at the instant the panel seizes the telephone line, the panel will revert to Pulse dialing and fail to make connection to the receiver.

    When having to dial a (9) or any other digit to get an outside line, program the panel phone number(s) as C9C (or C8C if needing to dial a 8 to get out, etc.) then the phone number of the Central Monitoring Station. For example, if you need to dial a (9) first and the central station phone number is 585-223-8425 you would program the panel as C9C15852238425.

    Often times on a subsequent attempt to communicate the control panel will dial in tone (DTMF) send the report successfully.  This is because dial tone was present and the panel dialed in DTMF. 

    The solution to the problem where no dial tone is present at the instant when the phone line is seized is to add a C before the number to dial.  This inserts a 3 second pause, allowing the panel to detect the dial tone.  

    For Example:

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