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    How to map a relay to one or more alarm points.

    • This article describes how to map a single or multiple alarm points to a single relay.  The mapped relay will latch when the associated input point generates an alarm.  The relay will remain latched until the alarm is silenced and alarm memory is cleared. 
    • Note:
      • While a single or multiple alarm points can be mapped to a single relay, mapping multiple relays to a single input point is not possible on this panel type. The FPD-7024 panel type allows more extensive relay mapping required in some fire applications. 
      • While the function of the programmed field in point assignments has not changed, the name (BFSK/Relay or Relay or Output) has changed over previous versions of G series panels.
        • GV2 and earlier panels:  BFSK/Relay
        • GV3 & GV4 (Version 1.00-1.99):  Relay
        • GV4 (Version 2+) and B panels:  Output
    1. In the Point assignments area of programming enter a number between 1 and 8 in the parameter described above; BFSK/Relay or Relay or Output depending on panel type.
    2. The entry (1 – 😎 indicates which relay (first, second, third etc) on the D8129 OctoRelay board that latches when the associated input generates an alarm.  The relay remains latched until the alarm is silenced and cleared from memory.
    3. The address of the relay group is determined by the panel type: 
    • D9412 panel types:  Use a D8129 OctoRelay configured for 73-80.
    • D7412 and D7212 panel types: Use a D8129 OctoRelay configured for 9-16.
      • (Please see the D8129 Operation and Installation Guide for configuration)

    Relays for use with BFSK Relay.png

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