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    How to perform a firmware upgrade the in the B465 using TeraTerm.

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    1. Navigate to Browse to: Product Catalog > Intrusion Alarm Systems > Conettix Communications > Conettix Communicators. Select the B465 Product Page and click on the Software Downloads Tab.
    2. Download and save the latest firmware file to a location on the computer, then extract the files from the ZIP file. The firmware file required for use with TeraTerm ends with a *.kfw extension.
    3. Connect a USB A to USB A cable (Bosch p/n B99) between a computer and the B465. When using a store purchased cable, be sure to use a ‘Computer to Peripheral ‘cable and not a ‘Computer to Computer’ type cable.
    4. Open TeraTerm.                                                                                                                                                                TeraTerm Icon.png
    5. The New connection dialogue opens. Click on the Serial radio button and select the port configured for the B465. Press OK.           Figure 1  New Connection PageFigure 1 New Connection Page
    6. Press the keyboard ENTER key and [Enter Passcode] displays. Enter the default Log-in password: B465.
    7. Select 8: Maintenance and 5: Firmware Update. The display reads Start Xmodem transfer of upgrade image file <*.kfw>.                      Figure 2 Menus to select Firmware UpdateFigure 2 Menus to select Firmware Update
    8. The screen displays; Start Xmodem Transfer of upgrade image file. Select File > Transfer > XMODEM > Send….                                                                  Figure 3  XMODEM Send dialogFigure 3 XMODEM Send dialog 
    9. In the XMODEM Send dialog window, navigate to the folder location and select the downloaded firmware update software. The file will end in *.kfw extension.   Figure 4 Select Firmware FileFigure 4 Select Firmware File
    10. Click on Open to start the firmware update. The TeraTerm: XMODEM Send dialog box opens and indicates the update process.                Figure 5 Tera Term XMODEM Send dialogFigure 5 Tera Term XMODEM Send dialog
    11. When the file transfer completes, the Tera Term: XMODEM Send dialog box closes automatically. Within the TeraTerm window, an updating to firmware version “” message displays, and the B465 automatically reboots.
      1. Notice!  Do not power off the module during this phase. Powering off might cause permanent damage to the B465.
    12. Close the TeraTerm session, and re-launch TeraTerm.
    13. Log back into TeraTerm as described previously to re-establish communication from your laptop to the B465. Communication between the B465, receiver(s), and the connected control panel is restored.


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