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    How to prepare for upgrading D6200 software from version 1 to version 2.


    What functions will be disabled after upgrading from version 1 firmware to version 2?


    While adding many features, upgrading the D6200 software removes some obsolete features in the receiver.  These changes include:

    • Interface with Safecom is no longer supported.
    • Conettix Account Verification by IP Address is no longer supported.  All accounts must now use NNC number verification. NNC verification allows an account to connect to the receiver from any IP address eliminating the need for the panel to have a static IP address.
    • Datagram Type ‘00’ is no longer supported in the network interface module (D6680, D6682, and D6686). The network module and receiver must be configured for datagram 02. This option handles routing more efficiently for improved reliability in communications.
    • D6640 line cards are no longer supported. The version 2 receiver is only compatible with D6641 line cards. The D6641 line cards have more memory storage to handle the enhanced functions.
    The D6200 upgrade to version 2 consists of the following two items.
    • D6200 software current version. Verify working with the most current version of the D6200CD.  Go to > Product Catalog > Intrusion Alarm Systems > Conettix Communications > Conettix Communicators and select the Software Downloads tab.
      • Download and install if a more current version is available.
    • D6600 CPU firmware current version.
      • After installing the current D6200 software, upgrade the receiver by performing the One Button Upgrade Wizard as described below.  System Management > Firmware Utilities > One Button Upgrade Wizard.  

        one button upgrade wizard.pngOne Button Upgrade Wizard

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