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    How to prevent arming Perimeter Delayed when attempting to Master Arm.

    • After attempting to Master Arm the Keypad Shows Perimeter Delayed.
    • How to use 'All On - No Exit' or 'Master Arm - No Exit'.
    • Newer panels name the parameter 'All On - No Exit’; legacy panels use 'Master Arm - No Exit'.
    • The setting 'All On - No Exit' or 'Master Arm - No Exit' is located in Area Wide Parameters. 

    This setting intends to prevent false alarms when an area is master-armed but users remain inside the area and may generate a false alarm.  When set to YES and no perimeter-delay point is faulted during the exit delay, the panel assumes users remain in the area and defaults the arming state from Master-Armed to Perimeter-Delay Armed.

    The solution is to fault a perimeter-delay point during the exit delay after master arming the area.  If the feature is not desired, or no perimeter-delay points exist to satisfy the requirement, set Master Arm-No Exit to No. 

    • When master arming multiple areas and the perimeter point in only one will fault while exiting, it would be necessary to set Master Arm-No Exit to No in the other areas to allow them to Master-Arm. 
    • When master arming by schedule or keyswitch, set Master Arm-No Exit to No in applicable areas to prevent defaulting to Perimeter Delay armed, as there would be no users to fault a perimeter delay point.
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