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    How to program 7000/9000 thru GV3 panels to work with the D8125INV and Inovonics wireless points.

    • The panel should be programmed to respond to a short for faulted RF points and an open for RF points with open Tamper switches. With the exception of the FA113, faulting any Inovonics wireless point will cause the D8125INV to send a short to the control, regardless of the normally open or normally closed configuration of the wireless point.
    • For example, an FA210 using external contacts programmed as MODE 1, 2, 8 or 9 would fault when the external contacts were opened. Faulting the FA210 by opening the contacts would still cause the D8125INV to send a short to the control.
    • Controlled Instant Points should be programmed with a response of 1 to generate an instant alarm on short and a trouble on open when disarmed. Delay points should use response 7 to generate an entry delay on short and trouble on open when disarmed.
    • 24 hour points should use a response 1 to generate an alarm on short and trouble on open, unless it is deemed necessary to initiate an alarm should a tamper switch be opened in which case a response 0 should be used.
    • The FA113 Universal Transmitter is programmed to point 74 or 194 for arming and disarming, and to point 75 or 195 for the panic feature. These points are not supervised and will allow the FA113 to leave the panel site and not cause supervision troubles. The D7212G is only capable of 40 points and therefore is not compatible for use with the FA113. For the arm/disarm function program point 74 or 194 with Point Type 4 and Point Response 2. When both alert buttons are pressed together the D8125INV sends a short to the control for point 95 or 195. Program the panel accordingly so that the Point Response provides the appropriate response.
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