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    How to program the zone code on the D6112 and the D4112 for the D279

     The D279 controls arming/disarming and entry/exit delay for the zone input to which it is connected. The D279 cannot be used to generate opening and closing reports, or silence the bell (through the software) with a D4112 or D6112. See the D4112 Installation and Programming Manual (P/N: 73-05365-002) or the 6112:MAIN Program Entry Guide (P/N: 74-04367-000) for complete zone code programming details.

    W1 Jumper: For normal operation with the D4112 or D6112, do NOT cut jumper W1. However, if you want to display the D279 armed or disarmed status at the D4112 or D6112 command center, or if you want to put the D279 on a priority zone, cut Jumper W1.

    Some standard sub-control zone codes are shown below:

    01150 24 hour zone, trouble on open, instant alarm on short, steady bell on alarm, restoral reports.
    04110 24 hour zone, instant alarm on short, no trouble conditions, steady bell on alarm.
    04100 24 hour zone, instant alarm on short, no trouble conditions, steady bell on alarm, local zone.
    04150 24 hour zone, instant alarm on short, no trouble conditions, steady bell on alarm, restoral reports.
    Using the 01- - - zone code: The 01- - - code only supervises the protective zone wire between the D279 and the D4112/D6112. It is recommended that you DO NOT cut jumper W1 when using this code. If you cut the jumper, the D279 sends a trouble report when disarming, and a restoral report when arming.

     Audible Alarms

    The D4112 and D6112 can be programmed to sound an audible alarm when the D279 is tripped while armed. The D4112 or D6112 must be programmed with a bell time and the zone code must be programmed for audible alarms.

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