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    How to promote panel accounts in Remote Programming Software.

    • When Bosch control panels are upgraded either to a larger scale panel (i.e. B5512 to B8512) or to a newer panel type (i.e. D9412G to B9512G) the original program can be still be used by promoting it to the higher type.  Once a panel account is promoted it can never be reverted back to the original, therefore a backup copy should be created prior to promoting. 
    • Panels can only be promoted to higher type panel and not to a lower type. For example the D9412GV4 could not be converted to D7412GV4. 
    • An automatic backup copy of the original account is created by RPS, but only when promoting to either B8512G or B9512G. When promoting the original account to a GV4 or lower account type use the steps below to manually create a back-up copy.

    How to manually create a backup copy of a panel account:

    1.   From the Panel List, select New to create a new panel.

    2.   Select Existing from the new panel dialogue to create a new panel account from an existing account.

    3.   Select the existing panel account which will be promoted in a later step and press OK.

    Open Panel Data view.pngFigure 1 Create new account from existing

    4.   Enter a name for the copy of the original panel account and select OK.

    Account Copy added.pngFigure 2  Save the copy with a similar name

    How to promote the panel account to a higher version:

    • Note 1: RPS creates a backup copy of the original account only when promoting to B8512G or B9512G. Use the steps above to manually create a copy of the original when promoting to GV4 types or lower.
    • Note 2: Older panel account types must be promoted up to a GV2 account type first before they can be promoted to a higher level. This will require performing the promotion steps two times.

    1.   Right click on the panel to promote from the Panel List and select Open Panel Data – View.

    Open Panel Data view.pngFigure 3 Open the Panel View

    2.   The Panel Data – View page opens, select Edit in the lower left corner.

    Select Promoted account type.pngFigure 4 Select panel type to promote the original to

    3.   Select the account type to promote the original account to and select OK.

    4.   The Caution in figure 5 displays when promoting to the B8512G or B9512G. The box ‘Create account backup before panel upgrade’ should remain checked.

    Caution screen when upgrade.pngFigure 5 Update Process Caution

    5.   Select Continue. The process to promote the account takes about a minute to complete.

    Promotion completed.pngFigure 6 Promoted account added

    6.   The promoted panel account is added to the panel list and the process is complete.

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