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    How to reset a D6682 to factory default

    Remove power from the D6682. 

    Press and Hold the Reset button and reapply power to the D6682.

    The D6682 should now be at factory default.

    Follow the steps below to Configure the D6682.

    At default, Conettix IP products use an automatic private IP address (APIPA). The IP address range of APIPA is to The IP address is the multicast address of the network.

    The following procedure will get you into a Conettix IP product that is setup for DHCP. By default, a new Conettix IP product will use the DHCP range. You must be using either a crossover cable, or you may use a switch or hub that does not block a multicast message. This procedure requires that the PC you are on must be setup for DHCP, and it must have already failed the process in obtaining a DHCP address (this normally takes about two minutes in Windows). This can be verified by running the command IPCONFIG from a command prompt, and then verifying the IP address for the Ethernet Adapter Local Area Connect is in the APIPA range (e.g. 169.254.x.x).

    Open a command prompt in Windows by going to Start, All Programs, Accessories, and Command Prompt. Use the following commands.

    •  PING (Note the IP address that responds to PING)
    •  TELNET 169.254.x.x 9999 (WHERE x.x is the second half of IP address that responds to PING)

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